6 Creative Social Media Post Ideas

I love to keep a list of ideas handy and change up what type of things I’m putting on my business page. And if I were to guess, you’d like a “done-for-you” brainstorming list as well!

Here’s a great starter list of ideas for your business’s social media (so you don’t have to feel creative!)

  1. Show something Behind the Scenes You could post something about your process – how you come up with ideas for your products, where you source some of the ingredients, why you chose to create a certain line of products.

  2. Ask a great question People love to feel like their voice is heard and valued, so ask them great questions! BUT, make it easy for them to respond. People are busy – they will not type out a long answer.

  3. Give them Tips and Insights What is something that comes SO EASILY to you, but is a mystery to other people? People love tips from experts, and YOU are an expert in your area.

  4. Post a Frequently Asked Question, along with your answer If people are frequently asking something, they are telling you what type of posts they’d like to have from you!

  5. Highlight a person that works in your business People love to know that a company is personal – that real people are answering their emails and behind the business’s social media.

  6. And of course, SELL your Product As we’ve learned, you should only be asking people to act/ buy/ come into the store about 20-25% of the time. But, at some point, you need to sell your product and sell it well! Show them fantastic photos of your product, or video of what it can do for them. Put your best foot forward.

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