5 Social Media Marketing Tips to Boost Your Sales

Social media, when used correctly, continues to be the biggest way for brands to build social presence, get more customers and make more sales.

For businesses, it’s clear that social media can be a goldmine of leads and conversions, if handled correctly. That’s why many companies have focused their marketing budgets on social media, trying to build a following and cultivate customer loyalty as well as new buyers. Here are a few tips you can implement to make your social media marketing much more effective in bringing in sales.

1. Focus on your audience

One of the easiest ways to burn a lot of money on social media marketing without achieving much is to attempt to appeal to everyone. It will make your marketing much more effective than if you were taking a more general approach.

2. Pick your platforms and optimize for them

Attempting to maintain an active presence on all the social media platforms available is going to stretch most businesses too much. Two or three are good, and you shouldn’t undertake more than that unless you have multiple staff to handle them.

3. Create and share content

Publish content that’s short and entertaining or informative and you can be sure you’ll get some social media engagement. Over time, you’ll have some content (whether it’s text posts, photos, infographics etc.) that’ll go viral and bring tons of traffic to your website. Be sure to work with content creation professionals to be sure your website is up to par.

Putting your content out there is the first step to building a formidable brand, and one easy hack is to tweak your content strategy continually, so it’s aligned with topical issues.

4. Promote user-generated content

People trust their friends more than they trust a company, no matter how loyal they are to the brand. You can take advantage of that by encouraging people to post content on social media that validates and promotes your products or services. One popular instance of this was the “Share a Coke with…” Coca-Cola campaign where users posted pictures of themselves with their soda bottles. You don’t have to start at that level either. Just keep in mind to use people in a few of your posts. it shows you are human!

5. Provide stellar customer service

Positive reviews are great, but many of your customers will also likely reach out via social media when they’ve had unsatisfactory experiences with your products or services. The solution is to be ready to engage with them and find fixes for their issues in a timely manner. Give opportunities for feedback, resolve any concerns they have and encourage them to share their thoughts with their network.

If you feel that your brand needs to get more digital, give us a call, and let's get your brand out there!

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